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In the spirit of the Dragon Year, we present a masterpiece that combines the timeless beauty of peach magnolia blossoms with the luscious appeal of persimmons. Each branch of magnolia blooms gracefully, symbolizing purity, nobility, and the fleeting beauty of life. 

Nestled among the blossoms are persimmons, with their golden-orange glow, representing prosperity, good fortune, and the bountiful blessings of the season. The Chinese porcelain flower pot, adorned with traditional motifs, provides an elegant foundation for this cultural masterpiece.

Key Features:

  • Peach Magnolia Blossoms: Delicate and regal, these blossoms symbolize purity, beauty, and the fleeting nature of life.

  • Persimmon Fruits: The golden-orange persimmons represent prosperity, good fortune, and the abundant blessings of the Dragon Year.

  • Chinese Porcelain Pot: The traditional porcelain flower pot, with intricate designs, adds an authentic touch, reflecting the rich cultural significance of the Dragon Year.

This arrangement is not only a stunning decorative piece but also a meaningful homage to the cultural traditions associated with the Dragon Year. 


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Product may be arrived in bud form to ensure longer life.

dragon year 2024 artificial flowers for chinese new year
dragon year 2024 artificial flowers for chinese new year
dragon year 2024 artificial flowers for chinese new year

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