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Nurturing Nature's Gifts: Unleashing Creativity to Serve Our Cherished Community

handcrafting since 1984

At Bamboo Green Florist, we cherish our floral heritage above all things, drawing inspiration from generations of florists and designers who have mastered the art. Established in 1984 by visionary Amanda Quek, our floral atelier has become synonymous with quality, creative excellence, and an elegant approach to flowers in the floristry industry.

Amanda Quek, a designer free from preconceived rules and boundaries, possesses natural expertise and artistic abilities that cannot be taught. Her legacy continues through the hands of the next generation, Madeleine & Audrey, who are shaping the future of the florist and its offshoots. Upholding the philosophy where ethics meet aesthetics, they forge a path forward.

Our core team, professionally trained and well-versed in all aspects of floristry, collaborates seamlessly to bring our creations to life. Situated in the heart of Penang, Bamboo Green Florist boasts an impressive client list. However, our meticulous attention to detail and unyielding commitment to quality are extended to all clients equally.

Bamboo Green Florist is not just a business; it is a responsible one. We are dedicated to the principles of fine craftsmanship and collaborate with suppliers who share our values. Conscious about the future, we constantly seek ways to minimize our footprint across operations.

For any occasion, our curated range of exquisite flowers and gifts offers the perfect gesture. Our fresh flowers are handpicked and tastefully arranged, creating distinctive floral compositions that celebrate your cherished moments and events.

Thank you for choosing Bamboo Green Florist, where every creation is a testament to our passion for timeless beauty and commitment to responsible practices."

Crafted with dedication, passion, and an unwavering commitment to excellence,

The Bamboo Green Florist Team

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